It's A Passion

Travel or hiking, which is my greater passion? Hmm, I cannot decide so I am building a life and business around both. Thus the business Travel Hike Life is born.

    For travel the attraction is the freedom and learning I cherish. I have always felt constrained in one place, doing one thing, and living in a cultural bubble of way to many people like myself. Race, income, or politics is traditionally how we in the States define our differences. But there is so much more; language, traditions, climate, family, and history for starters.

    Whenever I write the word travel I am not talking about traveling just within our home country. International is my definition of travel. Let me provide a perfect example. 

    Going to Hawaii, specifically the old island of Kauai, versus traveling to Costa Rica. Kauai was different in every way imaginable for a climate experience compared to my life in the midwestern U.S.. Natural beauty and breathtaking hikes beyond words. Yet in most every other way it was still the States. The Costco, the driving, and food was as homogeneous as every other place I have been in the States. 

    Going to Costa Rica, the city of San Jose and the heavily Caribbean influenced beach town of Puerto Viejo, was different in every way imaginable too. Here though, it was different language, currency, traditions, and how people approached everyday life was mind-blowing. The jungle and beaches were similar to Kauai, but I give Costa Rica the edge. A lot of fun can be had exploring and compare/contrasting. 

    Through photography, video, sound, and the written word I review amazing places and hikes. Lodging and food will be a focus as related to their surroundings. I provide tips for all manner of travel and all are from my personal experience. 

    I hope to provide you the inspiration and motivation to explore as well. 

Now, Let’s travel!