My Life


I am Jeffrey Noel. 

A Creative Director, content creator, traveler, minimalist, and hiker, for starters. Through my blog, YouTube, and other media I will share my knowledge and experiences of hiking, traveling, and my life centered around these through photography, video, and writing. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your experiences and ideas. 

My blog is divided into three areas; travel, hiking, and my life around those.

The first is travel, focused on building a nomadIc life. But the knowledge and experience shared will apply to leisure and business travelers as well. This area will have a mixture of gear, location, accommodation, and transport reviews. 

Second is hiking. A passion I can’t live without! I focus on day hikes in spectacular locales around the world. This area will be specific to hiking trails with reviews and maps. 

Third is life and the business of making this a lifestyle. This area will be a little more wide-ranging as to how I am designing my life and business to make this lifestyle a permanent reality. It is here I will cover ups and downs, technology, workflow, relationships, fashion, health, and mindset. 

Something you won’t find here is a comments section. My prior social media experience taught me that open comment sections are of little value for building a community. Instead I put my email below. Let me know your thoughts, experiences, questions, and topics you would like me to cover. As the community grows I will create a valuable and enriching interactive connection for us.  Now, Let’s Live!