Why I Created This

This blog was born out of a love for hiking, outdoors, exercise, and the need for vitamin D from our life-giving sun. Yet, there was a problem I felt needed to be solved. 

In the beginning hiking was frustrating as I got lost on nearly every hike. You see, I have a horrible sense of direction. I tried following paper maps, but I have yet to find a paper trail map that is accurate, or even accurate signage on trails

So I tried all the hiking apps and finally found one that meets my needs. I have a future blog post about which one and why I chose it. For following trails mapped by someone like me, it is fantastic. 

Every hike I post I have hiked myself. Most trails I hike multiple times. The first time I map the trail, and later times I follow my own previously mapped route. If you get lost following one of my hikes, most likely your device’s battery died. 

My hikes are day hikes ranging from easy to advanced difficulty with a preferred range of six to 10 miles (9.5 - 16km). Difficulty is determined by hiking speed, hills, and trail conditions. 

Six to ten miles (9.5 - 16km) allows time for other activities that day. This is especially true in places where you can hike in the morning, hit the beach in the afternoon, and go dancing in the evening. A good meal before and after the hike, and finishing the day in a comfortable bed adds to the enjoyment. A day hike becomes even more important for us nomads to squeeze in some work. 

Now, Let’s hike!